Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top 10

Nyna at work makes us do these "Top 10" lists. I thought I left AFI, but I guess everyone does indeed love a list!!!

Last week's list was our Top 10 Scenes in movies.

Here is mine in random order:

- The cemetery scene after Shelby's (Julia Roberts) funeral. Sally Field (M'Lynn)... freaking out crying as usual. Clairee (Olympia Dukakis) pushes Ouiser (Shirley MacLaine) towards M'Lynn and orders her to "hit Ouiser, pronounced Weezah! Then they all laugh and Dolly Parton jumps up and down in an attempt to draw a male audience to watch that movie the whole way through.

- The department store scene in Muppets Take Manhattan featuring Miss Piggy and Joan Rivers. Joan gives Piggy a makeover in hopes to win back the heart of her frog. The scene ends in a huge powder fight and enough rouge to make Moulin look pale!

- The entire musical in Waiting For Guffman, featuring such hits as "Nothing Ever Happens On Mars," "Stool Boom," and "A Penny For Your Thought,"

- Jennifer Hudson as Effie White in Dreamgirls. "And I Am Telling You." Give that bitch an Oscar and shut her up. Loved it!

-Westside Story- "Somewhere" reprise- Tony thinks Maria is dead and proceeds on a manhunt for her killer, but instead of revenge, he wants "her killer" to kill him as well so that Tony may join his love in death. Tony then sees his love, Maria, in the playground/ally where they are reunited. Then from out of nowhere, Chino appears and shoots Tony. Tony and Maria sing each other a song... wouldn't you? Then Tony dies in Maria's arms. Kills me, and Tony, every time.

- The spooge starting inside Ben Stiller and ending up in the hair of Cameron Diaz in "There's Something About Mary"

- Introduction to the Munchkins in The Wizard Of Oz after Dorothy has landed her house on the Wicked Witch's Sister. Suddenly the world is so much more colorful and Dorothy has no idea what lies ahead in her adventure. It's also here in Muchkinland that we first meet Glinda, the good witch of the North. The graphics of her bubble are nothing to laugh at since it was made in 1939.

- The scene in Pleasantville when Tobey Maquire applies grey make-up to his mom, a terrified and "colored" Joan Allen, to hide her new color from his father, William H. Macy. I'll never forget her face and the fear when she realizes she is different and pleads with her son that regressing and hiding is sometimes our only choice.

- In Back To The Future and the "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance" when George McFly finally grows a pair and Marty is successful in hooking up his parents. Marty saves his future family by making them kiss and then shocks the crowd with "Go Jonny Go!" "Your kids are goin to love it!"

- Love Actually- Emma Thompson crying alone to Joni Mitchell in her bedroom after discovering her husband bought a Christmas necklace for his secretary and not her. She loses it for a minute and then composes herself and carries on her motherly duties by attending her kids' Christmas Pageant.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Start Campaignin'!

The election will be here before we know it! Thank God!

I will only turn to Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper for all my up-to-the date election coverage.

AND I would totally watch them make-out if I could!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

You MUST Listen...

This will brighten your Monday afternoon blues.

I wonder why she won't call him back... What's wrong with women these days? Poor Dmitri

I couldn't figure out how to embed it in the post, but go to the site and listen.



Oh HELL no!!!

Never... no way... no how!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Esto tiene CALOR!!!

This is almost too much to take in!

I'm feeling faint! My heart is racing! I just drooled on my keyboard... fingers just got paralyzed. Gotta go.

God bless red-carpets sometimes!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Thanks Sweedie for sharing...

I heart Broadway so much AND that Nathan Lane too!!! (That Cheyenne beefcake isn't so bad either)

"Do they say FIDDLER is too Jewish?" HILARIOUS!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ready... or Not!

Well it happened last week. As Matt put it I'm now a member of a new demographic. I'm no longer part of the 25-29 year old group, and NO... I did not turn 24! I could be so lucky! Does this mean I can't watch MTV anymore? Do I have to switch to VH1?

I think I had the best 30th birthday of all the 30 year olds ever.

It started with an impromptu night in Vegas complete with a sweet ass suite in the Venetian, show tickets to The Divine Ms. M at Caesars, and a lovely dinner afterwards. Complete perfection is what it was! One piece of advice I have is that if you order continental breakfast room service... they actually bring it INTO the room to set it up... so you might wanna get outta bed. At least Matt didn't open the door with his lime green terry-romper on. That would have really sealed the deal with the poor lady that had to see me in bed. Thank goodness for sheets!
Thank you Matty, Paul-Louis and Cooper for starting 30 off with a bang!

We then drove to Lake Powell for the week on the houseboat with family and friends... It was, as it is every year, amazing and fun! Life is so hard there! I must say! Thanks to the Call clan and all you lovely Clark's for an amazing time! It's amazing that we live as 17 individuals, but come together for an unforgettable week every year. Love you all!!! Missed Ty, Ry and Nora terribly!

Then on Monday night, when all was getting back to normal, I was surprised with a bash at my favorite LA hot-spot, the fancy and authentic, El Coyote! Surprise parties are bitchin! I was amazed and honored that all those people showed up to celebrate me, some as far away as Utah! Thank you to my party host committee: Matty Cakes, Baby Sue, Sweedie Darling and Sunshine! Thanks to all who attended! It was a night I will never forget.

It was a Birthday I will never forget!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Well... the pic sucks... but the performance was awsome!

I went and saw my friend Shaz perform at Sit n Spin last night and can't get over how great she did. She is a great talent! Great writing, great performing, great shoes!

She is the white figure you can kind of see in the photo!

I'll let you know when she is performing there again so you can check it out.

In the meantime... check out her blog here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick... act important...

OMG!! This photo is so fantastic and we can't stop laughing about it here at work.

What you are seeing is a shot of the red carpet during AFI's Life Achievement Award to Warren Beatty. You'll notice to the right of Warren and the lovely Annette, two AFI "workers", myself and my friend and colleague, Amy. (Amy is hilarious and can spread the sarcasm with the best of us... check out her blog here.)

We think this photo looks like a "Red Carpet Experience" at Universal Studios or somewhere like that. Sort of like the "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" ride. OR even better, those tacky places in Vegas hotels that you take your picture with an obscure back drop and print it on a coffee mug or tee shirt.

We chose our props, got dressed and got set in position. Amy chose the, "I'm pissed at you for confusing me and making me yell louder than all those photographers... what's with my hand?" pose. I chose the "ahhh... pretty sparkles on Annette's dress... can't stop dazing into them" look.

It's good to be so important and rich like Amy and I.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I HEART Alanis!

I might be a little behind here but this is brilliant.

Love me some Alanis!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Doughy Nuts??

Happy National Donut Day Tomorrow!!!! (Friday, June 6th)

I'm so relieved I didn't miss it again this year! It's days like this I REALLY miss Dunkin' Donuts!

Click here to check it out!


Thirsty... but can't afford a sip of gas!

That's right folks... One of the joys living in LA! If you can't see that... gas is at $4.49/gallon!

If you can't find me... I'll just be walking.

UPDARTE: We're up to $4.69 folks. Time to start selling the children.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Denim on.... is that Denim?

Really lady? This is the opposite of anything remotely fierce.

That's right... you are looking at denim on denim.

Who done told her??

They must have had a denim sale at JoAnne's Fabrics.

Good for her! Work!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Really Gay!

No offense to my friends who are actually attending this... but come on!

I love baseball as much as vodka, but this is ridiculously G-A-Y!

Check it out here! It's the "perfect double play!"

I can only imagine how quiet this game will be with everyone so preoccupied with the stitching.

PLEASE look at someones finished product... wonder how many innings it takes to make something THIS fancy.

I've said it once... I'll keep saying it... God Bless America!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

THIS is good journalism...

I'm intrigued and confused...

Please read this article and then tell me why this is news.

Really?!?!?! Utah is going to vote for Barbie's husband, McCain??? I'm speechless... this is SUCH a surprise!!!


To my knowledge...Utah has NEVER voted Democratic in any presidential election. Thank God Utah voters are "warming up" to GOP candidate, McCain... Do they really have any choice at this point? You know they'll vote Re-blah-blican.

What a waste of money to take a poll to see who Utahans will vote for. Perhaps they should be putting this money into an education system so they quit producing morons that take pointless polls and who write "news" like this.